All in Holiday

Silent Night

There are times when there is no other explanation but God. The beginnings of the song Silent Night is one of those times. God had a hand in when it was released and how it has changed mankind through the years. This year, allow the words of Silent Night to also change your marriage. Keep reading, friends!

The Best Gift

I think that what I feel about my children is kind of like what God must feel with us.  He has no needs, but He loves spending time with us.  As I consider what God wants from us this Christmas, I am sure that His answer is the same as Jody’s and my classic answer to our kids, “You!”  And God wants you too! 

Making Peace with the In-Laws

I feel this is a valuable and timely topic as we approach the holidays.  Why?  It is a rare day that I meet a young married couple who feel like they had the in-law’s blessing from the beginning of their courtship.  Often, and when exploring this further, one or both get very emotional.  Everyone wants to be known and loved by those in their family.  It is important deep down in our being.