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Praying for God’s Will

Part 5 in the WordWashedWife series on prayer is written by my youngest DIL, Becky. Keep reading as she describes a time when her prayers changed. “As I began to come to terms with the change in our future, I started to realize that my prayers probably weren’t focused on the right thing. Although I was praying, my prayers were me-centered, not God-centered.”

Answered Prayers

Today’s post is the 4th in a Word WashedWife series on prayer. I believe you will enjoy reading my DIL, Sarah’s words about a scary time in her marriage to my son, JP. Keep reading: “JP and I met during a time when we were both far from God. My walk with God was distant and he had rejected his faith. We started dating in the summer of 2010 and that fall I transferred and joined JP as an Auburn student. We were inseparable. “


We are seldom content.  Given the myriad of home improvement shows on TV, we all desire the perfect home, complete with the latest flooring, perfect shade of gray paint and stone counter tops.  And don't get me started on Facebook.  It lets us peek into the best moments of our friend's lives, and forces us to compare these with the undesirable parts of our own.  These cravings, and our lack of contentment, are not invisible to those around us.  People in your life know what you crave by your speech, by how you spend your time and money, and by what deeply moves your heart.  Your spouse knows the true desires of your heart.  So do your children and friends.