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Have you had any surprises in your marriage?

I know I have! Keep reading as I share the two biggest surprises in my marriage and how God is using them to redeem my husband and I!

Meet Me at the Peach

Today’s post is the second in a six part WordWashedWife series on prayer.

We have all faced times when we doubted that God was listening.  If we are truthful, we can all say that we have had the feeling that sometimes our prayers just bounce off the ceiling.  Today’s post addresses how to live through the spiritual dry times in your life- meet me at the peach!

I Wish...

I have always said MOTHERHOOD is synonymous with guilt and self-loathing!  This must stop!  No more should we think, I wish I baked cookies every week like Sally does, or I wish I was volunteering at the school every day like Jennifer or got to stay home with my kids like Molly.  😊  This must end.


This post is very timely, as tomorrow I am facing the next big change.  I am retiring.  Cue the choir- "Hallelujah!"  I have worked full time 28 of the last 32 years. 

God is my Source!

As much as I profess that GOD IS MY SOURCE, there is a part of me that also subconsciously thinks, “but I got it God, don’t worry about me.”  When I want water I turn on the tap, out comes clean cool water.  The City Water Board has never let me down.