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Have you had any surprises in your marriage?

I know I have! Keep reading as I share the two biggest surprises in my marriage and how God is using them to redeem my husband and I!

Celebrate Marriage and Football!

Football allows us a place to celebrate with complete strangers and enjoy a touchdown catch like we are family. Celebrating in community feels right and natural, because our Father created us to live in community. This post looks at how we can celebrate victories off the football field in our walks with Christ and in our marriages!

Complementarianism in Marriage & Golf

Complementarianism is a $20 word used to describe how men and women are to work together in marriage, in ministry and in the body of Christ.  It is a buzz topic these days in Christian circles.  I believe that there is a fair amount of confusion surrounding the topic and today, I’d like to walk through what God says about our roles in marriage and in the body of Christ. 


At that moment, the chicken side of me won, and I began to scream and splash about, and in general, pitch a panic!  Jody came up from snorkeling alarmed by my screaming and assumed the worse - SHARK!  He scrambled towards me.  I was attempting to get up the boat ladder, but my legs wouldn't make it happen.  I was paralyzed by fear!  The fish, combined with my own screaming, had convinced me I was soon to die!

A Slow Beat

Nowhere is the state of your relationship with God, and the condition of your heart, more apparent than in your marriage.  My sins affect Jody.  His sins affect me.  So in keeping with the heart doctor analogy from my story, the thing that best detects the condition of your spiritual well-being is your marriage.  It is the proverbial stress test! 

the Pursuit of Cool

Is it OK to desire to be cool?

From a biblical prospective there is no encouragement to be cool.  The Bible is clearly a book written for all time, it is the inspired word of God. It is like the perfect little black dress- timeless.  We are never encouraged to be hip or part of the in crowd.  Instead  we realize while reading the word that Jesus was not a fad -"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."  (Hebrews 13:8)   And simply put, that is my answer.  My pursuit of cool is outside my pursuit of God.