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Praying for God’s Will

Part 5 in the WordWashedWife series on prayer is written by my youngest DIL, Becky. Keep reading as she describes a time when her prayers changed. “As I began to come to terms with the change in our future, I started to realize that my prayers probably weren’t focused on the right thing. Although I was praying, my prayers were me-centered, not God-centered.”

I Wish...

I have always said MOTHERHOOD is synonymous with guilt and self-loathing!  This must stop!  No more should we think, I wish I baked cookies every week like Sally does, or I wish I was volunteering at the school every day like Jennifer or got to stay home with my kids like Molly.  😊  This must end.

God Is Faithful

In March 2016, Olive, my oldest granddaughter, was born with cytomegalovirus (CMV).  This virus is virtually harmless to everyone but neonates.  The early detection of CMV, although hard to process in the moment, was a testimony to God’s faithfulness.  Olive’s story is miraculous, and I do love sharing it. 

God is my Source!

As much as I profess that GOD IS MY SOURCE, there is a part of me that also subconsciously thinks, “but I got it God, don’t worry about me.”  When I want water I turn on the tap, out comes clean cool water.  The City Water Board has never let me down.

Tell me the truth again

 One night, after work, I sunk to a new level of grief and sadness.  I sat on the stairs leading to our kitchen and cried inconsolably.   Jody wisely sat down beside me and began to comfort me with the truths from God’s word.  He instinctively reminded me of God’s love and provision. He quoted verse after verse. Jody washed me in the Word and I felt my faith grow! Keep reading, new friend as I use this blog to talk about the benefits of living in a Godly marriage, a gospel centered marriage where Jesus is glorified each and every day regardless of the circumstances. Come join me in the pursuit of a Word Washed Life!