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Silent Night

There are times when there is no other explanation but God. The beginnings of the song Silent Night is one of those times. God had a hand in when it was released and how it has changed mankind through the years. This year, allow the words of Silent Night to also change your marriage. Keep reading, friends!


Jody and I love Christmas and look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus with brothers and sisters across the globe! Today’s post looks at a practical way to keep the true meaning of Christmas central to your hearts and minds- keep reading!

Take Off Your Mask- Put on Holiness

“Who do you want to be this year?” This question floats around every costume store around the 31st of every October. This post takes a moment to look at who you want to be, what your life confirms or denies about this statement and an encouragement to pursue Christ and His holiness. Keep reading, friends!

Let Us Pray!

I love those three words!  When I hear these words and then obey, I am confident that answers, peace and comfort are only moments away!  Prayer is the foundation of faith. Today’s post kicks off a six week WordWashedWife series on prayer! I am confident you will be blessed, keep reading friend!

I Wish...

I have always said MOTHERHOOD is synonymous with guilt and self-loathing!  This must stop!  No more should we think, I wish I baked cookies every week like Sally does, or I wish I was volunteering at the school every day like Jennifer or got to stay home with my kids like Molly.  😊  This must end.