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Complementarianism in Marriage & Golf

Complementarianism is a $20 word used to describe how men and women are to work together in marriage, in ministry and in the body of Christ.  It is a buzz topic these days in Christian circles.  I believe that there is a fair amount of confusion surrounding the topic and today, I’d like to walk through what God says about our roles in marriage and in the body of Christ. 

Friends With Benefits!

This is the last post in the series FINDING A FRIEND IN YOUR MARRIAGE. I hope the series of posts have helped inspire you to re-look at the friendship you and your spouse have and maybe given you the needed push to invest more time and energy in this important relationship! Keep reading, friend. 

Let Us Pray!

I love those three words!  When I hear these words and then obey, I am confident that answers, peace and comfort are only moments away!  Prayer is the foundation of faith. Today’s post kicks off a six week WordWashedWife series on prayer! I am confident you will be blessed, keep reading friend!