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Complementarianism in Marriage & Golf

Complementarianism is a $20 word used to describe how men and women are to work together in marriage, in ministry and in the body of Christ.  It is a buzz topic these days in Christian circles.  I believe that there is a fair amount of confusion surrounding the topic and today, I’d like to walk through what God says about our roles in marriage and in the body of Christ. 

5 Ways to Abuse Proof Your Marriage

Ponder this:  To a God who sees lust as adultery, and hatred as murder (Matthew 5:21-30), how do you believe He sees evil words and angry outbursts?  I believe that God sees emotional abuse no less a sin than physical abuse.  Both expose an ugly side of our heart – the side that is rebellious and must have its own way at all cost.  Whenever we hold ourselves in higher regard than our spouse, we sin!

Feeling Neglected

We neglect our spouses.  Then wonder what happened when we find ourselves in the ditch. For example, if I pursue work as my priority for a few weeks, months, years and then want to have an intimate conversation with my long-suffering spouse, I will find both of us unable to do the heavy lifting. There is truth in the proverb- use it or lose it.